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EnovaFlow Production Enhancement


  • Cleans the wellbore, opens channels and improves near wellbore permeability
  • Provides a persistent surfactant action
  • Restores wellbore/reservoir interface (e.g. repairs “skin damage”)
  • Reduces interfacial forces.
  • Reduces the particle size (micelles) of the oil and improves their mobility.


Fields of dreams.

  • Free up valuable resources such as workover rigs and your time
  • Effect more wells per month with fewer resources
  • Continually monitor wells and adjust program as needed

Superior ROI ASAP.

  • 30% proven average incremental increase on treated wells
  • Sustained production increases for 90 to120 days post treatment
  • Minimal out of production time (24–48 hours)
  • Proven economically successful even at low commodity prices

Play it Safe.

  • Fully compatible with your operations and equipment
  • “Minimal footprint” on your location reducing safety exposure

EnovaFlow increases production on treated wells across your field, arresting declining production and increasing your ROI. EnovaFlow produces incremental oil economically, even when commodity prices are low.

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Innovation in Action

Enova’s innovative solutions are field proven. To learn more about actual case histories
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News Flash

EnovaSB - Sand Bond

On February 6th, Enova executed the first EnovaSB insitu sand control treatment for a major operator in the San Joaquin Valley.  The application was operationally successful and well response is being closely monitored.